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The Sensio blog | Smart Healthcare: Safety alarm

RoomMate balances safety with a homely atmosphere.

RoomMate is Redefining What Resident Safety Looks Like

In the evolving world of elderly care, integrating technology that balances safety with a homely atmosphere is paramount. RoomMate, a leading-edge safety sensor, exemplifies this..

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Key insights from our webinar 'Falls in UK Care Homes'

Our recent webinar, "Falls in UK Care Homes - A Guide to Digital Prevention," marked another significant step in our journey towards revolutionising elderly care. In this article..

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Participants in the RoomMate webinar discussing how to prevent falls in UK Care homes.

Assessing the Impact of Falls in UK Care Home

Explore the urgent need for innovative solutions in falls prevention in UK care homes. Discover how digital technology, such as Sensio's RoomMate, is revolutionizing elderly care..

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