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RoomMate is a revolutionary safety sensor that reduces and detects falls using advanced algorithms. RoomMate is healthcare professionals' and residents' best supporter for more dignified care for the elderly. 

Image of the revolutionary safety sensor RoomMate


Fewer falls and injuries

Falls among the elderly are often the start of a rapid downward spiral. If we prevent falls, the enjoyment of life and life expectancy increase, while elderly care becomes more sustainable.


Less stress and lower sickness absence

Those who work in elderly care notice that the pressure and stress are increasing. With RoomMate you get a better overview and can make the right priorities for your time. This way you can experience better days and increased energy.


Better sleep with less physical supervision

Physical supervision at night will often wake the resident so that he sleeps poorly and may have a bad day. RoomMate removes the need for unnecessary supervision and gives the resident better sleep and enjoyment of life.


More time for physical care

With RoomMate, you know at all times which residents need help - and which do not. This frees up capacity, and you get more time to take care of those who need it most.

Nurse looks at RoomMate's anonymised image on PC screen

Anonymised, digital supervision

Gives you the opportunity to see and talk to the resident to quickly assess whether there is a need for physical supervision.
Image of how RoomMate's digital controls look on various screens

Automatic notifications

The resident does not need to activate an alert. RoomMate detects dangerous situations and sends an alert to the staff's hand helds and other screens.
Activity overview in the app for the safety sensor RoomMate

Activity overview

Activity data provides unique decision support to provide residents with individual follow-up and treatment.


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across many institutions.

What is RoomMate?

  • Anonymised, digital supervision gives you the opportunity to see and talk to the resident to quickly assess whether there is a need for physical supervision.
  • Automatic notification in the event of dangerous situations means that the resident does not need to notify himself. RoomMate detects dangerous situations and alerts staff. Especially important for people with dementia.
  • Activity overview provides a unique decision support to provide residents with individual follow-up and treatment.
  • Option to handle RoomMate in its own app, or in the Sensio Pocket app in the same way as other alarms.

Hear from some of our customers who use RoomMate

Hartford Court Care Home

Advancing care with RoomMate: A game-changer at Hartford Court Care Home

Hartford Court Care Home pioneers innovative RoomMate system, revolutionizing care with tailored features for residents' needs, preserving privacy, ensuring quality, and enhancing efficiency.

Richmond Manor Hamberley Care

Richmond Manor’s journey with RoomMate: delivering elevated, dignified care for their residents

The RoomMate sensor has significantly improved care at Richmond Manor, reducing falls by 83%. It enhances night-time care and provides proactive alerts for dangerous situations, benefiting dementia patients.

Foxhunters Care Community

Reducing falls: First UK care provider to roll our revolutionary safety sensors across all rooms

At Foxhunters Care Home, Abergavenny, Dormy Care have begun a journey towards a safer, more proactive, and significantly more independent living for residents with the introduction of the RoomMate sensor system.

News from RoomMate

aktivitetsoversikt 1200x627

Webinar on demand: Empowering the Care Workforce to Navigate the Future of Dementia Care in the UK

Watch our new webinar! In this webinar we explore innovative strategies to equip care professionals for the rising dementia challenge. Our guests discuss the evolving landscape of care, where clinical responsibilities and digital advancements intersect to redefine care work!


Benefits in elderly care by using the safety sensor RoomMate

A 2024 study among care leaders and care staff in the Nordics, performed by the independant test lab Norwegian Smart Care Lab, shows several benefits for residents, staff, care homes and society, when using the safety sensor RoomMate.

Helen_Nicki_Daniel_Norwegian embassy-UK_Sensio_RoomMate_Fireside

Introducing RoomMate: A Proactive Solution in Preventing Falls in the UK Market

With a commitment to revolutionising healthcare provision through technology, we at Sensio proudly announced the UK launch of our groundbreaking RoomMate sensor on Wednesday, 27th September 2023.

Frequently asked questions about RoomMate

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We support you all the way

We ensure a good implementation, training and ongoing operation, so that you are confident in RoomMate and experience the benefits.

Together we create #MoreTimeForCare.