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Fall detection and fall prevention

Falls among the elderly are the biggest cause of rapidly deteriorating quality of life and the need for a place in a care setting. Preventing falls is, therefore one of elderly care's most important tasks. Sensio has fall alarms that both prevent falls and detect and warn before an accident occurs.

Elderly man has fallen, but RoomMate is running in the background


Stay at home longer

Falls often lead to admission to a care setting. Solutions that prevent falls therefore mean that the person can stay at home for longer - to the benefit of the person and the capacity of the elderly care facility.


Avoid injury and suffering

Falls are by far the biggest single cause of injury among the elderly, and in many cases the injuries caused by falls are serious. Avoiding falls is therefore very important for maintaining a good quality of life.



Better utilisation of resources

Follow-up and treatment of falls are often very resource-intensive, expensive and take time. By minimising the number of falls, it will ease the additional burden on an already restricted healthcare system. 

Sensio offers solutions for fall prevention

Our RoomMate sensor is a world-leading product within the area of falls prevention - trusted by thousands of residents and health care staff. Read more below, or contact us for free consulting.
Roommate- fall alarm


A revolutionary safety sensor that replaces a number of other sensors. RoomMate can be used, among other things, for digital monitoring, passive notification in potentially dangerous situations, fall prevention, silent nurse call system and as decision support for individual follow-up and treatment. Read more about RoomMate here.

What are sensors that can detect and prevent falls?

Why is it important to prevent and detect falls?

How can you detect and prevent falls?

Who can help detect and prevent falls?

At Sensio, you are in good hands - read what some of our customers say:

Michelle-Presdee-Hartford Care

Hartford Care reduces falls with revolutionary safety sensor

Falls are one of the biggest challenges in elderly care. Hartford Care was the first care home in the UK to trial a pioneering technology to reduce falls. What are their experiences a couple of months after implementing the technology?

Herron-Hill-care facility- Nicola Spedding - Sandra Lawrence

Herron Hill steps into the future with digital supervision

Falls are one of the biggest challenges in elderly care in the UK, and Herron Hill has taken a step to help falls prevention in the institutional care facility. How has the first couple of months been?

Sykehuset Levanger RoomMate

Levanger Hospital's stroke and geriatrics department eliminated falls with RoomMate digital supervision

With RoomMate, the night guards who work alone experience less stress, and the employees have an increased focus on fall prevention. This has resulted in not a single fall occurring in the department in the last three months.

We support you all the way

We ensure good implementation, training, and ongoing operation so that you are confident in Sensio's welfare technology. Together we create #MoreTimeForCare