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Key insights from our webinar 'Falls in UK Care Homes'

Sensio Dec 6, 2023 12:23:30 PM

Our recent webinar, "Falls in UK Care Homes - A Guide to Digital Prevention," marked another significant step in our journey towards revolutionising elderly care. In this article we address some of the questions raised from the attendees in the webinar.

At Sensio, we believe in the power of collaboration, not isolation, in enhancing care standards. This event was no exception. We were thrilled to have extensive audience participation, reflecting our commitment to working alongside our partners ensuring they derive continuous value from our technologies. The insights and queries shared by attendees didn't just enrich the discussion; they also underscored the importance of collective effort in advancing elderly care. Here, we delve into some of the key questions that we couldn't address during the panel discussion, underscoring our dedication to transparency and continuous dialogue.

Addressing Data Privacy Concerns

In the era of digital healthcare, the sanctity of data privacy cannot be overstated. Sensio has always prioritised this, particularly in the context of monitoring technologies. For instance, RoomMate, our state-of-the-art safety sensor, uses non-visual methods to ensure resident anonymity, thereby upholding dignity while offering digital supervision.

Jeanette Seri from NRS Healthcare raised an important question: "How do you allay the fears of people worried about how their personal data is being managed?" Our answer lies in our foundational approach - starting from a position of data security. Beyond our robust system security measures, we engage with residents, staff, and families, explaining the benefits and safety-centric nature of our systems ensuring all stakeholders and beneficiaries are aware of how our systems work and how unintrusive they are.

A Comprehensive Approach to Falls Prevention

Anne Tidmarsh from Digital Innovation aptly noted, "It is great to hear about the latest digital technology detecting and managing falls, but what seems to be missing is what we could do to prevent falling and also to manage people after a fall and their rehabilitation." This comment steers us towards a holistic strategy for falls prevention. RoomMate isn't just a reactive tool, but also proactive. It will alert the care workers if the resident sits up in bed, leaves the bed, leaves the room, calls out for help, and more. This way, the care workers can quickly enter the room and assist the resident, preventing her or him from falling.

Also, RoomMate can work in parallel with other solutions, a proactive element in a broader care strategy encompassing exercise routines, nutrition, and adaptive care processes. Its integration capability with other systems aids in forming a comprehensive solution, ensuring safety and enhancing care quality.

Investment, Training, and Balancing Technology with Human Touch

Addressing William Hatton's inquiries from the Department of Health and Social Care about investment sources and training challenges, we recognise the necessity of accessing funding pots dedicated to elderly care and fall prevention. Collaboration within the sector is key to ensuring that the most vulnerable receive top-notch care supported by advanced tools like RoomMate. Moreover, Hatton's question, "As individuals get older, human contact is very important to prevent frailty, how can policy ensure technological progression but also ensure those in need of support still receive physical interaction?" highlights a crucial aspect. RoomMate enhances the human element in care. By providing prioritised alerts and freeing care staff from unnecessary check-ins it allows for more meaningful interactions and more time for personal care.

Where do we go from here?

The webinar and the ensuing audience engagement brought to light various facets of elderly care - from data privacy to the human touch in an increasingly digital world. At Sensio, we remain committed to fostering a dialogue that bridges technology with compassionate care. RoomMate stands not just as a product but as a testament to our vision of integrating technology into the fabric of holistic elderly care, enhancing quality of life, and ensuring dignity.

We invite continued collaboration and conversation among all stakeholders in elderly care, as we navigate this journey together.

Watch the full webinar below: