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Safety alarm

Safety alarms provide users with an easy way to call for help in emergency situations. It thus provides freedom and security for private individuals and for residents in care settings. This creates more independence and a better quality of life - both for the user and for relatives.

Safety alarm clock on elderly man


Freedom and quality of life

With mobile location and notification technology, the user can move more freely, which gives increased independence and joy.



Security for users and relatives

The user knows that they will get help if they need assistance. This is also good security and provides relief for relatives.


Stay at home longer

The notifications from security alarms can go to relatives, the relevant care team or a combination and help residents stay at home for longer.

Sensio offers both mobile and stationary security alarms

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Safemate mobile security alarm

Safemate makes it easy to call for help in emergency situations - both inside and outside the home, as well as locate the user even without triggering an alarm.


Sensio stationary security alarm

Sensio's stationary security alarm is connected to the alarm button on a watch or pendant around the neck. In addition, it can be connected to smoke detectors and a pull cord.

What are safety alarms?

Why use safety alarms?

How to use safety alarms?

Who can use security alarms?

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