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Why Sensio?

At Sensio, we are passionate about creating better nursing and care for the elderly - both for residents, patients and healthcare personnel. Our next-generation welfare technology is well-proven, whether it's revolutionary safety sensors, cloud-based health platform, market-leading mobile safety alarms or other products and services.

We started in 2009 and are the Nordic region's leading supplier of health care technology, with several hundred customers in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the UK. There are a number of reasons why Sensio is the customers' preferred supplier of health care technology:

Products and solutions that are proven to work and provide value

Welfare technology is still in an early development phase, but at Sensio we have many years of experience in the development, production, implementation, and use of welfare technology for hundreds of customers in several countries. Through extensive use over several years, our solutions and products have proven to provide enormous value both for residents, healthcare personnel and society as a whole.

World-leading technology

Sensio produces, among other things, the most advanced fall sensor in the world, RoomMate. This multi-sensor is installed in around 10,000 rooms and has a number of functions, such as digital supervision, passive notification in potentially dangerous situations, as well as an activity overview that provides a unique decision support to provide individual follow-up and treatment of residents and patients.

A consultant for digital transformation

We have been through several hundred implementations and learn something from each and every project - both good and bad. We take our experience and expertise with us when we assist new customers in how they can best adopt welfare technology and achieve the greatest possible gains. Welfare technology enables a digital transformation of how people work in elderly care. This requires change management, which can be challenging. As a customer of Sensio, you can be confident that you will receive the best advice and support to carry out a digital transformation.

Simplifies everyday life for healthcare personnel

With Sensio's user-friendly solutions, you get peace of mind that all residents and patients are looked after and watched over - without being monitored. Thus, those who need help will receive help at the right time. It gives healthcare personnel more time, profit and job satisfaction, as well as less stress and lower sickness absence.

Experience from the healthcare system

At Sensio, we have many healthcare professionals, so we know your challenges and can help you solve them with relevant experience. This also contributes to our service and product development.

Fast and good customer service

Sensio, and welfare technology in general, is growing rapidly. At the same time, Sensio is small enough to have short information paths internally and good cooperation between all departments. This enables us to provide fast and good customer service in several channels, so that you can always be sure of getting assistance when you need it.

Quality and interaction in care work

We have good solutions for connecting services and personnel across care institutions, as well as for including relatives and close relatives in the care work. In addition, we have quality tools that ensure that both healthcare personnel and managers can be confident that users and patients receive good follow-up, at least at the level of what is required in legislation, national guidelines and municipal quality standards.

User-driven service innovation

Our customers are our most important advisors and provide valuable feedback on how we and our services can be even better. Our service development is always based on input from customers and is tested in several rounds before we release new versions.

In-house development environment

At the same time as we practice user-led service innovation, we have a large development environment at our head office. This combination means that we can quickly react to the users' needs and wishes, and this creates close development cooperation.

Supplier of the entire product value chain

Many suppliers offer a product. Sensio offers a wide range of products that talk together and ensure that most needs are met in the field of elderly care. With Sensio, you get a supplier who knows the challenges and solutions well within elderly care, and how the technology should be used to provide the best possible value.

Open solutions with good integration options

Our health and care platform Sensio 365 is the hub that connects all welfare technology together, so that you can access all notifications and alarms in one common user interface - whether it's on your mobile, a screen in the guard room or other devices. Sensio 365 has an open API that allows you to integrate existing or new welfare technology also from other suppliers. Thus, you can be sure that choosing Sensio as a foundation will never be a mistake.

Data and analysis functionality

Through our platforms, you get statistics, reports and activity overviews, which provides a unique decision-making basis for providing individual follow-up and treatment of residents and patients. We develop ever more powerful data analysis functionality in our services and products, so that you can optimize service provision based on facts.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

We have a separate team that works on the further development of solutions within artificial intelligence and machine learning, so that you will get increasingly better and more innovative functionality automatically updated into your Sensio products and services.

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