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Benefits in elderly care by using the safety sensor RoomMate

A 2024 study among care leaders and care staff in the Nordics, performed by the independant test lab Norwegian Smart Care Lab, shows several benefits for residents, staff, care homes and society, when using the safety sensor RoomMate.


90% of the respondents state that a traditional nurse call system with active alerts such as pull cords and alarm buttons to a small or very small degree ensures the safety of residents and patients with dementia, while 100 % say that a nurse call system with RoomMate significantly or very significantly ensures the safety.

RoomMate enables the care staff to detect the risk of falls and intervene before the patient is actually harmed. Several participants say they now have minimal incidents of falls and observed an immediate change in the number of falls after implementation.

90 % of the respondents say that RoomMate contributes to better sleep for the residents.

It is emphasized by numerous respondents that RoomMate contributes to less stress for staff. A total of 65% of the respondents experience that RoomMate significantly or very significantly simplifies their work and helps them prioritize better, enabling #MoreTimeForCare.

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