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RoomMate is Redefining What Resident Safety Looks Like

Sensio Feb 15, 2024 2:53:53 PM
RoomMate balances safety with a homely atmosphere.
In the evolving world of elderly care, integrating technology that balances safety with a homely atmosphere is paramount. RoomMate, a leading-edge safety sensor, exemplifies this balance.

Not only does it offer top-tier safety features, but it also respects residents' expectations of a private and personal space, fostering a sense of independence and comfort.

Understanding RoomMate's Visibility and Integration

When installing the RoomMate system in the rooms of care home residents, we often receive feedback on our next visit on the many ways that those residents' lives have been improved. It could be through feeling better supported and less vulnerable when alone, to even benefitting from a better night’s sleep as care teams do not need to check on the resident so regularly.

However, in order to achieve these intangible benefits, we do, of course, make a tangible addition to the room, and this, of course, can draw some feedback too. The visibility of the RoomMate sensor in care environments is an occasional concern for users becoming familiar with the system; its strategic positioning is vital for its wide-angle monitoring capability. This visibility is akin to traditional safety devices, such as pressure mats, yet RoomMate's design goes a step further. It minimises visual intrusion while maximising safety, ensuring comprehensive room coverage without overwhelming the space.

RoomMate's strategic positioning is vital for its wide-angle monitoring capability.

Innovative Solutions for Subtle Integration

Our clients have cleverly incorporated RoomMate into their care settings, using discreet techniques like trunking and boxing to blend the cabling seamlessly into the room's decor. These methods minimise the sensor's visual impact and maintain the room's aesthetic appeal. Testimonials from numerous care homes reveal how residents and staff quickly adapt to RoomMate, appreciating its unobtrusive presence.

Michelle Presdee, the Home Manager at Hartford Court Care Home, explained how introducing the system initially raised a few questions: “When it began a few residents were unsure, not about the sensor itself, but the lights that show when it is activity. We held a resident's meeting, explained what it was for, and showed them how it worked, and everyone was very happy. If we were to remove it now, we know the residents would feel very anxious without it. They know it is there watching out for them.”

The Decluttering Effect of RoomMate

RoomMate's ability to consolidate multiple safety functions into one device is a game-changer. This declutters the living space and significantly reduces the need for other, more intrusive safety equipment. By replacing several devices with one RoomMate sensor, we enhance the environment's aesthetics and create a more peaceful, less confusing space for residents, especially those with dementia.

Balancing Aesthetics with Essential Safety and Independence

RoomMate's design respects the safety and aesthetic needs of care homes. More importantly, it preserves the residents' sense of privacy and independence. With RoomMate's efficient monitoring, staff intrusions into personal spaces are significantly reduced. This less frequent need for physical welfare checks means residents enjoy greater freedom and dignity, critical factors enhancing their quality of life.

Witness the Benefits: Invitation for Service Assessment

To fully appreciate RoomMate's impact, we invite care group executives to arrange a service assessment. This hands-on experience will allow you to see how RoomMate fits into the care environment aesthetically and enhances the residents' sense of privacy and independence. Feedback from residents and staff during these assessments has consistently highlighted the positive shift in how care is perceived and received.

RoomMate redefines elderly care by ensuring safety, improving operational efficiency, and respecting aesthetic and personal space considerations. Adopting RoomMate in your care setting means investing in a future where safety, comfort, and independence are harmoniously integrated.

Discover how RoomMate can transform your care facility by contacting us today. We can create a safer, more comfortable, and respectful living environment for our client’s cherished residents.

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