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A revolutionary safety sensor that replaces a number of other sensors. RoomMate can be used, among other things, for digital monitoring, passive notification in potentially dangerous situations, fall prevention, and as decision support for individual follow-up and treatment. Read more about RoomMate here.


Sensio 365

An eHealth and care platform that ties welfare technology together and gives health personnel a total overview of alarms and residents in one, user-friendly interface.



IKOS is a healthcare personnel and healthcare managers' digital interaction board to ensure good follow-up of users and patients.



Safemate makes it easy to call for help in emergency situations - both inside and outside the home, as well as locate users even without an alarm being triggered.


Sensio Care

Trigger assistance and violence alarms with positioning for quick assistance from a colleague. Everything is connected to the Sensio Pocket app.


Sensio Buddy

It can be used as a supplement to RoomMate. Buddy has fewer functions but works well where residents need a fall sensor in the bathroom, hallway, etc. Contact us for more information about Buddy.


Sensio Dropin

Camera-based digital supervision, with the possibility of two-way communication. Our simplest solution.


Sensio Pocket

Sensio Pocket is our user interface for healthcare professionals who use the Sensio 365 platform. The app provides a good overview of all information and alerts from all associated sensors and technology.