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Customer stories

Michelle-Presdee-Hartford Care

Hartford Care reduces falls with revolutionary safety sensor

Falls are one of the biggest challenges in elderly care. Hartford Care was the first care home in the UK to trial a pioneering technology to reduce falls. What are their experiences a couple of months after implementing the technology?

Herron-Hill-care facility- Nicola Spedding - Sandra Lawrence

Herron Hill steps into the future with digital supervision

Falls are one of the biggest challenges in elderly care in the UK, and Herron Hill has taken a step to help falls prevention in the institutional care facility. How has the first couple of months been?

Sykehuset Levanger RoomMate

Levanger Hospital's stroke and geriatrics department eliminated falls with RoomMate digital supervision

With RoomMate, the night guards who work alone experience less stress, and the employees have an increased focus on fall prevention. This has resulted in not a single fall occurring in the department in the last three months.

Svein-Rune Bjørkmo - St Hanshaugen

RoomMate creates security for the residents of the district of St. Hanshaugen in Oslo municipality

St. Hanshaugen uses RoomMate actively in the home service, and finds that the users enjoy being able to live alone with the security that help is a short distance away.

IKOS i hjemmetjenesten i Drammen

The home service in Drammen municipality got rid of yellow notes and whiteboards with the IKOS interaction board

Is everyday life characterized by many tasks and priorities, and complex disease patterns for patients, and employees with different job percentages?

Ibestad kommune

Ibestad municipality provides better patient care with welfare technology

Healthcare personnel experiences a better everyday working life and more time for care with the tools Sensio Pocket and Sensio Patientsignal.

Langhus bo- og servicesenter Nordre Follo

Nordre Follo municipality implemented welfare technology in just three days

In the spring of 2020, the municipality wanted patient notification with active and passive notification, presence marking and shutdown in residents' rooms, as well as RoomMate for digital supervision.

Bodø kommune

This is how Bodø municipality implemented digital supervision and safeguarded privacy

Digital supervision can provide benefits in the form of better resource allocation for healthcare personnel and increased quality of life for users. But how to protect privacy?