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Customer story

Richmond Manor’s journey with RoomMate: Delivering elevated, dignified care for their residents

The RoomMate sensor has significantly improved care at Richmond Manor, reducing falls by 83%. It enhances night-time care and provides proactive alerts for dangerous situations, benefiting dementia patients.

Since its introduction, RoomMate has enabled its users to deliver more dignified care, offer anonymised digital supervision and allow timely communication with residents to determine if physical supervision is needed. Moreover, its proactive alert mechanism recognises dangerous situations, notifying caregivers without requiring the resident to raise an alarm themselves —particularly indispensable for dementia patients.

Richmond Manor’s Transformation with RoomMate

Part of the Hamberley Care Group, Richmond Manor, under the leadership of Home Manager, Fiona Smith, installed the RoomMate system earlier this year – originally as part of a trial intended to reduce falls, however, the impact has been nothing short of profound and the benefits far wider reaching than just falls reduction.

- Our falls rate plummeted by 83% following RoomMate’s introduction. Beyond just reducing falls, we observed a decline in infections, and it paved the way for strategic staff training initiatives we might not have otherwise considered, shares Fiona.

Night-time care, the peak window for most falls, has seen an unprecedented uplift in quality. Care workers, equipped with RoomMate’s insights, only enter resident rooms when absolutely essential, ensuring minimal disruptions.

- The peace it brings at night to both staff and residents is palpable, shares Fiona.

Echoing this sentiment, Louise Cowell, Richmond Manor’s Home-Maker Lead, comments:

- It’s a great support, with RoomMate you instantly know if someone has fallen on the floor. The resident’s safety is instantly looked after because of RoomMate, and the resident’s safety is why we’re here.

The ripple effect of RoomMate’s introduction has been manifold. It’s facilitated remote support from leadership, “it gives comfort to staff who are on call, they can see on their phone if the staff are managing. And if there are any incidents where the staff need support, we can reach out to them without them needing to contact me”, Fiona credits this feature with helping reduce call bell times, which in turn reduces a burden on an already hardworking team.

But the insights learned from the system go beyond helping staff prioritise their time. The teams are learning more about the residents they care for, allowing them to enrich care plans, and shift the standard of care to be even more resident-centred. “Its very resident specific, which allows us to adapt care plans, a resident may regularly be up at night for example, we can see that now, and invite them through to the lounge for a hot chocolate” Fiona adds.

From Pilot to Pivotal: Embedding RoomMate for the Future

The feedback is unanimous and resonant. The difference RoomMate has brought to Richmond Manor isn’t just in numbers, but in the enriched quality of life of its residents and the amplified confidence of its care team. “Every home should be equipped with RoomMate,” Louise asserts, a sentiment wholeheartedly shared by Fiona and the entire Richmond Manor team. You can see the interview down below.


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