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Customer story

First UK care provider to roll out RoomMate across all rooms

At Foxhunters Care Home, Abergavenny, Dormy Care have begun a journey towards a safer, more proactive, and significantly more independent living for residents with the introduction of the RoomMate sensor system. 

- It´s a fantastic system, says Heather Treharne, Assistant Manager at Foxhunters

Dormy Care, became one of the first care groups in the UK to trial Sensio’s RoomMate system. The goal of the trial was clear: to improve resident safety and enhance the efficiency and efficacy of caregiving, especially during nighttime shifts when residents are more likely to fall undetected.

The trial wasn’t just successful – it allowed a new way of working for the care team, reducing falls and proactively monitoring resident wellbeing while preserving the dignity of their personal space during nighttime hours. In recognition of its impact, Dormy Care have commissioned a group-wide rollout of the RoomMate sensor to every room in the group, affirming their commitment to integrated, resident-focused care.

Increasing independence of those living with dementia in long-term care

We sat down with Heather Treharne, Assistant Manager at Dormy Care, exploring the benefits felt by her team since the RoomMate’s introduction. From reducing the need for pressure mats, which could become trip hazards in their own right, to the ability to coordinate care efforts through alerting multiple team members to urgent calls, it was clear the introduction of Sensio’s RoomMate has had a positive impact on the care team at Foxhunters Care Home.

- Everybody comes into a care home for a reason, falls is one of the things that really concerns the relatives, Heather said.

However, Heather shared one story that highlighted a number of important benefits the RoomMate sensor can provide.

RoomMate provides real-time observations

Heather told us of one lady, living with dementia, who was regularly discovered at night, in her room on the floor. In this situation, it was often standard practice to call an ambulance, assuming a fall and possible head injury. However, RoomMate alerted the care team to the ladies’ movements in the room, preceding the fall – allowing them to observe the mechanics of the fall and the behaviour of the lady leading up to the event.

- We have one lady in particular that comes to mind. We did suspect that she sometimes had non-accidental falls. But we can now actually see on the RoomMate when we check on her that she actually puts herself on the floor, where she gently puts herself on the floor, Heather told us.

The insight offered by RoomMate didn’t just prevent unnecessary emergency calls. It was a keyhole to understanding, enabling caregivers to amend and update her care plan, creating an environment where she now thrives in confidence and comfort in her own room.

This independence is the outcome of combining technology and empathetic care, which is at the heart of what RoomMate was created to achieve. We are so proud to work alongside Dormy Care, the caring and considered implementation of the RoomMate technology has led to genuine and measurable improvements in quality of life. We look forward to continuing our roll out across the rest of their portfolio.

- It´s a fantastic system, Heather concludes.

We support you all the way

We ensure good implementation, training, and ongoing operation so that you are confident in Sensio's welfare technology. Together we create #MoreTimeForCare